Virtual Assistant

Expert support as you need it. A full range of virtual assistant services or marketing support for your business. Sales enquiries can be handled, helping your client transition smoothly through the next stage of your sales funnel.

Our service is divide into two plans: The Telephone, offering a phone number, customised answer script, message handling and virtual assistant services, or The Back Office, which combines the phone answering service, message handling service and call redirection services available within The Telephone plan, and adds highly bespoke virtual assistant services such as sales and diary services where we handle your clients enquiry request end to end, right through to sales closure, appointment booking, or whatever you need.  Let our virtual receptionist handle your calls through our telephone answering service, so you can do what matters most.

Under the Back Office plan, we maintain intimate Business Knowledge of your processes and services. We really get to know your business for complete call handling. That's where we shine. Knowing you and how you like to do business like no other. We are your team, and that is what the client sees.

Would it be great to know your diary is up to date with no unwanted gaps and holes? Use our virtual assistant services for your Diary Management and use your time wisely. Our virtual personal assistant will use your preferred online diary management tool to update appointments, handle cancellations, create waiting lists, fill vacant appointments immediately from your waiting list. We give all your new clients the information you need them to have. We can also personally change appointments if unanticipated need arises, such as sickness, truly a virtual office assistant. Our virtual pa can follow up with emails and SMS's. Would it be great to know that your billing is done on time? Our virtual office assistant can perform invoicing functions. With access to your shared online electronic diary and we also tell you about your diary changes, with emails, or in urgent cases, SMS's, as you direct.

Let us deliver your virtual sales support.  Once the caller has established they wish to proceed with securing your product or service, you want the deal closed, the booking made, the client serviced on the spot. No call backs needed, no interruptions to the process.

What to know exactly how much the service costs? A quote can be generated from the website based on your individual needs by clicking Get Started.  Tick the services you need.  Nominate how many calls a month you are expecting. The cost of the service is presented on screen.  Click Book This Plan.

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The Door

A place to call home, where mail can be sent and where you can meet.

  • Street Address
  • Mail Collection
  • Mail Distribution
  • PO Box

The Telephone

Never miss another call. Phone answering, your style.

  • Phone Number
  • Customised Answer Script
  • Message Handling
  • Virtual Assistant

The Back Office

Bespoke call and diary services, so you can do what matters most.

  • Intimate Business Knowledge
  • Diary Management
  • Sales Support

The Space

Physical office space, welcoming and professional.

  • Office
  • 24 Hrs Access
  • Mail/Package Handling
  • Reception and Call Announcement
  • Extra Person in Room
  • Internet
  • Internal Signage
  • External Signage
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
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