Case Studies

Need your own space with professional telephone support

Case Study 1:  Need your own space with professional telephone support?

Philip is an Engineer from a Perth based construction company.  He requires a local office for the next 2 years.  Philip will be on building sites for a few hours every morning but still needs to get his messages. He will also need to use his office or a boardroom for meetings with architects, engineers, and prospective new clients.  
He requires a fully fitted out dedicated office with reception service.  We will transfer any messages to him whilst he is away from his office.

He will need:  ƒ

  • "The Space" dedicated office @ $ 326.00 per week 
  • Internal signage displayed @ $ 62.00 One-off set up fee
  • External signage @ $ 115.00 One-off set up fee
  • ƒ1 phone line @ $ 69.00 One-off set up fee ƒ
  • Phone line rental @ $ 56.50 per month ƒ
  • Phone call charges @ $ 60.00 per month (assumption)
  • ƒInternet Access @ $ 69.00 per month ƒ
  • Message transfer @ $ 1.36 per message 

Total cost per month $1,631.50 plus one-off set up fees of $246(Assuming $60 a month phone call charges and 5 messages per week).

Need a professional location for your training

Case Study 2:  Need a professional location for your training?
Sandra, a Project Management trainer who runs her business from home on a part time basis, would like to expand and have a more professional image.  She would like to offer two day training programs once a month for up to 15 people at a time.
Sandra has access to our Boardroom for training days for up to 15 people (u-shape style set up). Trainees are catered for with complimentary tea and coffee on arrival and during breaks.
She will need:  ƒ

  • Boardroom Hire for 16 hours per month @ $30.20 per hour

Total cost per course $ 483.20


Case Study 3:  Can’t be in two places at once?
Tom is a chiropractor who works on his own.  He sees clients in medical suites he shares with other practices.  When Tom is seeing clients, which is most of his day, clients can’t reach him, so have to leave voicemail messages to request or reschedule appointments. Tom spends time at the end of each day ringing back clients, sometimes finding it difficult to catch them.  New clients occasionally go elsewhere before making their first appointment. 
"The Back Office" virtual office service and Diary Management service provides Tom with a real person at the end of his phone line.  Tom wants to keep his existing number, so he redirects his business line to the number LINK allocated to him.  Our receptionists assist Tom’s new and existing clients in making enquiries, making appointments and rescheduling appointments. When our reception staff can’t help, a detailed message is taken. Tom now only needs to deal with calls that need his personal attention.
He will need:  ƒ

  • "The Back Office" virtual office service @ $ 78.00 per week
  • Diary Management @ $ 50.00 per hour 

Total cost per week $178.00

(Assuming 2 hours per week for diary management and 5 calls per day on average)

Do all your calls seem to come at the wrong time

Case Study 4:  Do all your calls seem to come at the wrong time?
Elizabeth works for a recruitment firm.  Their representatives are often out of the office meeting clients and, if there is only one person in the office, other calls can’t get through.  They need a service where a real person answers the phone and gathers all appropriate information so that the call can be returned, but they also need flexibility so that urgent calls can be attended to quickly. 
"The Telephone" service allows Elizabeth and her colleagues to attend to their business meetings and interviews knowing that their calls are being answered appropriately.  LINK staff capture the callers name, business name, location, phone number and email address and take details of the nature of the call.  Urgent calls are SMSed to staff who are out of the office. 
She will need:  ƒ

  • "The Telephone" virtual office service @ $ 48.00 per week
  • External message transfer by SMS @ $ 1.36 each 

Total cost per week $50.72

(Assuming 2 urgent call per week and 5 calls per day on average)

Case Study 5:  Clients won’t deal with you if you are not local?
Richard runs a successful engineering parts supply company and is expanding his client base to cover Hunter Coal Mining companies.  In order to branch into the Hunter Region it is important that the company has a local Hunter base.  Whilst most calls still go through to their head office in Sydney, clients want to feel that they will also be locally supported. 
"The Telephone" virtual office service offers Richard’s company a Hunter base, with a local PO box and street address and a local number for clients to call.  When clients call, they are supported as if they are ringing Richard’s company directly.  Messages are emailed immediately or, in cases where urgency is paramount, a message is phoned through directly.
He will need: ƒ

  • "The Telephone" virtual office service with 10 calls @ $ 30.20 per week ƒ
  • External Message Transfer Service @ $ 1.36 per message

Total cost per week $31.56 per week

(Assuming 1 urgent call per week)

The Door

A place to call home, where mail can be sent and where you can meet.

  • Street Address
  • Mail Collection
  • Mail Distribution
  • PO Box

The Telephone

Never miss another call. Phone answering, your style.

  • Phone Number
  • Customised Answer Script
  • Message Handling
  • Virtual Assistant

The Back Office

Bespoke call and diary services, so you can do what matters most.

  • Intimate Business Knowledge
  • Diary Management
  • Sales Support

The Space

Physical office space, welcoming and professional.

  • Office
  • 24 Hrs Access
  • Mail/Package Handling
  • Reception and Call Announcement
  • Extra Person in Room
  • Internet
  • Internal Signage
  • External Signage
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
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